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Crafting ethereal yet massive attack infused with message driven tricky lyrics sometimes of a feminist stance is only a small picture full of colors when describing the sound of Layla Martinez. Philadelphia born and raised by her mother Cheryl Martinez in the heart and soul of north Philadelphia along with her 3 siblings, bore most of the hardship, wisdom and way of life from the streets in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia PA. Her family heritage has deep roots from an Afro Cuban, Indigenous- American decadency.

Her ability to dream and envision herself with a microphone performing, quickly transitioned into reality. Her drive and thirst for musical success began at an early age with her family all jamming together in their dining room off of Motown’s hottest, the array of jazz and world music and the onset of hiphop artist caused her to realize her own abilities and are exhibited in her mystical style and unique expression, likewise reflected in her choice of fashion.

Her unique sound matching her style of fashion which started by thrifting, introduced by her mother, once was an abash feeling however swiftly became Layla Martinez way of style and expression. Creating Muzik and finding treasures in thrift stores became her diversion from the madness in the streets of Philadelphia PA. Layla Martinez; the artist, and songwriter, echos an innovative, vocal infused with catchy, etheric soul and has emerged in the new millennium with a unique vibe.

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